Youth entrepreneurship is the need of the hour.

Posted on: August 13, 2018

Indian political climate is conducive for Youth entrepreneurship.

By CA GS Kamath / NV Paulose

Agriculture to Rural Industrialization:Options are plenty:

India is at the junction of transformation. It is the youth who should take a call on the latest advantages of time and technology. Digitization and internet put together has redefined everything including education, establishments and international trade equations.

It is good time for the youth who are dynamic and filled with ideas. Political climate in India is in favour of the youth. There are support from all sides for making your ideas flourish. Everything is done through computer today. Mobile, Tab and all other gadgets are operating in the same platform. Everything is possible instantly today.

Richest people in the country was Tatas and Birlas earlier. Today the picture is different. Somebody who was nobody has emerged and has become extremely successful. Youth should learn from the success stories of many youngsters across the world.

Elders should encourage the youngsters to take up business ideas and to create career for many others. Training should happen along with education. There is no end for learning. There are many courses that can be learned parallel to campus education.

Support for youth initiatives:

There are plenty of elders who are willing to help youngsters to come up in life. Youngsters should show interest and should take initiatives to make use of the situation. Everything required are available around and the youth can start up anything and everything at this time where the entire nation is at their support.

Prime Minister is all the time inspiring the youngsters and willing to work day and night for their welfare. Youth can approach every government departments for help and all officers are instructed to be positively responding towards the initiatives of the youth. There is no better time for the youth than the present day scenario.


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With the Youth

Nation should progress with the youth. They should decide about what kind of an India in which they would love to live tomorrow. The generation today has a responsibility to keep the earth in good condition for them. Organic life need to be promoted. People should come out of their mad rush and should focus on their own weeing.

There is demand for young entrepreneurs. They should become dynamic and informative about the needs of the time. There is demand for good quality products all across the world. Europe is looking for large import of vegetables and fruits from India. It is time the graduates should undergo short term training programs and should get into supervisory jobs. We need to change according to the need of the time.

Broad Thinking:

All need not go abroad. Those who get opportunity can go but they should make sure they are going through proper channels are with right kind of recruitment agencies. Indian Embassies at all nations are youth friendly and you should be always in touch with the Embassy when you are at abroad. Those who are in abroad should also look for avenues to connect the importers with Indian producers.

Youth getting into farming supervision can help mechanization and many other advantages. Digital connectivity and container transportation are all in favor of India. Our ports can handle large quantities of cargo and our quality consciousness will impress the people all across the world. Getting into the dynamics of Agro Entrepreneurship is the way for the youth in India. You can do a lot for yourself and for the nation!

Progress is the Path for bliss!

Let everyone grow together!!


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