Y’s Men Mangalore! Beginning with a Difference!!

Posted on: October 29, 2018


Y’s Men Impress their family first!
Model Club at Mangalore!!


Regular meetings at Member Families! Club members to gather and prepare everything together! Fellowships without Liquor service! Personality Development Initiatives for family Members! Youth development programs at Mangalore and Around! Charity begins with weekly lunch for Cancer Ward Bystanders! PC Babu Charter President and Adv. Biju MJ Secretary!!

Inauguration of Y’s Men’s Club of Mangaluru

By NV Paulose / Albert Antony

The Y’s Men’s Club (YMC) of Mangaluru was inaugurated on Sunday 28th October 2018 at Moti Mahal, Mangalore. The inaugural ceremony started with the invocation of the God almighty. It was followed by the welcome address by Ym.Adv.Prakash K Paul, the President of YMC Taliparamba, the mother club of YMC Mangaluru. The introductory remarks of the YMC was given by Ym.K M Shaji, District Governor of YMC, Western India Region. He also felicitated the delegates of the YMC Taliparamba. Ym. T M Jose, ICM &TOFC Chairman, grandly inaugurated the club by lighting the lamp, followed by his speech to the delegates and also spoke about the aims of YMC.


The newly elected office bearers were introduced by the YMC’s Regional Director, Ym. T K Ramesh Kumar. The newly elected President of YMC Mangaluru, Ym. P C Babu gave the acceptance speech and welcomed all the new members of the club. This was followed by the introduction and felicitation of the new members of the YMC Mangaluru along with their families.

The formal functions was ended with vote of thanks delivered by the Secretary of YMC Mangaluru, Ym. Biju M J followed by national anthem. The program was later continued with cultural programs conducted by the members of YMC and ended with fellowship dinner.

The elected officials of YMC Mangaluru

  • President: Babu P C
    Secretary : Adv. Biju M J
    Treasurer : Biju T
    Vice President : Antony K J
    Joint Secretary : Dennis K J
    Y’s guy : Prakash N G

Y’s Menettes Club

  • President: Sincy Baby
    Secretary: Sapna Biju
    Treasurer: Stephy Biju

Y’s Lings Club

  • President: Alvin Antony
    Secretary: Joel Joseph
    Treasurer: Sandra Shibu





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